Over the years, and out of necessity, I have become a bit of an Excel jockey. This page is a repository of a few spreadsheets and macros I've written that may be of general interest.

A tool that generates Javascript to encrypt and transform your email address into "code," making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list. For example, and notice that the e-mail address and subject do not appear anywhere in the HTML source.
Like sumif(), countif() for the min() and max() functions
Like sumif(), countif() for the median() function
Like sumif(), countif() for finding quartiles
A geometric return function
An Excel graphical clock
Same as Clock2 but a count-down timer
Calculate WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)
Bond calculations
Randomly select Y items out of a list of X (e.g. select winners in a competition)
Shows an interesting use of graphics in Excel
Creates XML directory files for Cisco 7940 series phones
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