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30-Dec-2022 - Just a minor bump to add Mastodon verification code. The latest content is on As noted below, the rest of this site is more just a living archive for the old links that still get clicks out there. I guess some of this content is now actually relevant for #retrocomputing and #retrogaming ! :)
19-Feb-2022 - Another year passes and no time to do anything with this site. Just keeping it around for the old links that still generate traffic from searches.
02-Jan-2020 - Yea, so clearly I'm not finding time to do anything with this site. Since hosting doesn't cost much these days and I still get over 1000 hits/day, I'll just keep it running until this old HTML just isn't readable anymore. The free Harvey Balls font is probably what most people are after and happilly that continues to work on the most modern computers and phones.
01-Jan-2014 - Still need to find some time to redo the site properly, but as a token to progress, I've added a BitCoin option for donations. Check out the fancy QR code below :)
20-Apr-2013 - Did some tidying up, but really this site needs a re-skin. Just gotta find some time to do it.
26-Jan-2010 - I've finally enabled online purchasing of my Harvey Balls, Dice and VSM fonts. Click on the relevant link on the right hand side of the page and scroll to the bottom. The fonts are free for personal use, but for commercial use I ask that you buy the relevant license.
14-Mar-2009 - I just launched my new store (link in the title bar above) selling the latest in consultant-chic.
The main goal of this site was to act as a convenient repository for my online world. These days there are so many other ways of doing it, but some of the original info on this page can be traced back to my first "Home Page" that I put together in 1994!. In those days it was hosted by a company called Software Tool & Die which as of 2020 still exists!

Check out the Public Area which is where most of the older content resides. The Blog has the newer content. These can be accessed by clicking on the links above.

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