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This site has been around in some form since 1987 when it started as a BBS on a 300bps dialup line. When the Internet became a thing I migrated it to The World which was the first modern ISP open to the general public. In those days the site was accessible on https://world.std.com/⁓bor and it stayed there until I finally bought the ambor.com domain and began hosting it on a hacked router in my closet. There have been many iterations since and now it is hosted serverlessly on Cloudflare. This is the version since 2023.

The core site mostly hosts the legacy content that continues to get hits from the various backlinks. It seems this would mostly be people interested in the Harvey Balls Font, my Geekware Shop or retrocomputing enthusiasts. The random assortment of other content is available at the reskinned version of the old public area of this site.

The other projects I lightly work on in the background include:

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